gun-permitsgeneral-informationThe Probate Court issues firearm licenses, also known as "Georgia Weapons Carry License" as governed by O.C.G.A.§16-11-126 through 134. Applicants are encouraged to read the applicable law prior to making application to ensure a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

You must be a Rockdale County resident and provide a valid photo ID which reflects your physical Rockdale County address. Processing time varies based upon volume of applicants. The license is valid for five (5) years, at which time you must reapply for a renewal license. 


Be aware that prior convictions for certain offenses will disqualify you from obtaining a firearms license. Some of those offenses include convictions arising out of domestic violence, weapons violations and drug related offenses, if you've not been free from supervision for at least five (5) years.  The Probate Court will request a criminal background check and make a determination based on the information provided by the F.B.I., G.B.I., and local authorities. If you have been arrested, please use the link below for a brief description of Federal and Georgia Prohibitors.

Federal and Georgia Prohibitors.pdf 


Weapons Carry License applications are accepted without an appointment Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The application process will include taking a photo for your license and fingerprinting. Fingerprints are processed in our office, and you no longer have to go to the jail to complete this process.

The Weapons Carry License and Georgia Constitutional Carry Act (SB 319)

The recent passage of Senate Bill 319 has created interest and inquiries about the impact of the new law on the weapons carry license application process. Please note that the process for applying for weapons carry licenses has not been changed by the new law. Weapons Carry License applications will continue to be accepted and processed by the Probate Court pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 16-11-129.

While the Probate Court and Staff do not offer legal advice, we do note that as a result of Senate Bill 319, Georgia no longer requires a lawful weapons carrier who is a Georgia resident to hold a valid weapons carry license in order to carry a concealed weapon within Georgia. Nevertheless, there are some advantages to holding a weapons carry license that one may consider when deciding to apply or renew. For more information, please review the advantages of WCLs:

Advantages of WCLs.pdf