Do I need a blood test to obtain a license?

No, blood tests are no longer required to obtain a marriage license.

Where should I obtain a Georgia Marriage License?

If at least one of the people getting married is a resident of Georgia, the marriage license can be issued at a probate court in any county.  It is not required that the license be obtained from the county of the legal residence of either applicant. 

If neither person is a resident of Georgia, the marriage license must be issued by the probate court in the county where the ceremony is taking place.

How much does it cost?

Marriage license applications are $56 without pre-marital counseling and $16 with pre-marital counseling. A $4 convenience fee is added to all credit/debit transactions.

Marriage certificates are $10 per copy. A $4 convenience fee is added to all credit/debit transactions.

Do I have to complete pre-marital counseling and what is required?

No, you do not have to complete pre-marital education, unless you are 17 years old.

If you do complete pre-marital education the following is required:

The premarital education shall be completed within 12 months prior to the application for a marriage license and shall include at least six hours of instruction involving marital issues, which may include but not be limited to, conflict management, communication skills, financial responsibilities, child and parenting responsibilities, and extended family roles.

The couple shall undergo the premarital education together. However, if either person applying for a marriage license is 17 years of age, each person shall undergo the premarital education separately from the other person.

The premarital education shall be performed by one of the following:

  • A professional counselor, social worker, or marriage and family therapist who is licensed pursuant to Chapter 10A of Title 43;
  • A psychiatrist who is licensed as a physician pursuant to Chapter 34 of Title 43;
  • A psychologist who is licensed pursuant to Chapter 39 of Title 43; or
  • An active member of the clergy when, during his or her service as clergy, or his or her designee, including retired clergy, provided that a designee is trained and skilled in premarital education.


If a couple has completed premarital education, they must provide proof via a notarized letter or certificate of completion. The certificate or letter of completion shall state:

  • Both Marriage applicant's full name.
  • Date course was completed.
  • Number of hours completed (Minimum of 6 hours)
  • Name, title, signature, address and telephone number of the person performing premarital counseling.
  • The certificate must be on letterhead or a notarized certificate of completion form.

Who can obtain marriage records?

Marriage certificates are public record and may be obtained by anyone. Only the applicants may obtain copies of the application and/or license.

How can I obtain a marriage certificate?

Marriage certificate requests may be made in person with a photo I.D. or by mail by completing the Marriage Request (mail-in) Form.

Who can perform the wedding ceremony?

Wedding ceremonies can be by private ceremony that is arranged by parties. For information on who may perform ceremonies, please see O.C.G.A. §19-3-30(c).

The Rockdale County Probate Court does not perform wedding ceremonies.

For more information on courthouse wedding ceremonies, please contact the Rockdale County Magistrate Court at (770) 278-7800, or visit the following link:

The marriage license is valid for ceremonies performed in Georgia only.