Proof of Identity and Age

Both applicants must present a government issued photo I.D. and must show proof of age.

We accept as proof of age the following documents: Driver's License, Certified Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship Papers, Armed Forces Discharge Papers, Identification Card, or Hospital Admission Card containing the full name and date of birth.

Proof of Dissolution of Prior Marriage

If either applicant has been married previously, he or she must present proof that the previous marriage was dissolved, either by divorce or death. 

Proof of dissolution must be either a certified copy of their Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce for the last divorce which shows that it was signed by a Judge and filed in office.

If either applicant was previously married and the spouse died, proof of death, such as a death certificate or an obituary, must be presented.


Translators are not provided by the Court. The Applicants are responsible for providing their own translators when needed and the translator must be 18 years of age or older. This individual must possess a valid photo ID. The translator will be required to sign an affidavit.

Non-English Documents

If the parties present a legal document that is in a language other than English, the Applicant must attach a translation of the document by a certified translator.